Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Over the last few years a lot of attention has been paid to FOX News. Not only because their controversy causing commentators like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck but also because of another set of personalities on the networks. Not that anyone is really focusing on their personalities. The female contributors of FOX NEWS have come under fire for some of their affinity's to revealing clothing. In Picture above Laurie Dhue.

In an article entitled," Fox News ratings are rising, so are its anchors’ skirts" from I HATE THE MEDIA. The article Chronicles the shortness of skirts that some women on FOX wear. Let me just say that this article though the content may have been relevant, basically just posted videos and pictures of the newscasters controversial outfits in an exploitative manner, but I digress.

The article received over 200 comments. Ranging from comments like, "So you want who, Rachel Madcow in a short skirt? Or maybe Barbera Starr? I know, I know, Candy Crowley. Yes, we all know that’s what you really want to see." and "All other things being equal, wouldn’t you rather listen to news while looking at a more attractive looking woman? The hot women on Fox News in their short skirts give me those family making values!" to "Liberal women are dogs..i don’t know why, i guess the ugly shows through" Very few of the comments that I read stated problems with the shortness of the skirts.

I'm torn on this issue. One because never would a man's wardrobe choice be scrutinized and no has the right to tell anyone how to dress. However, if FOX producers are pushing a "certain" look on the female anchors and reporters then I have a problem because they are feeding into the stereotype of women as nothing more than eye-candy and in a profession where women have clawed and fought tooth and nail to be taken seriously the "eye candy" stereotype becomes a problem.

Must women anchors dress ultra conservatively to be respected? Is there a difference between being fashion forward and too revealing? Does what a female anchor is wearing detract from what she is reporting? Does the viewer have the right to complain about what they deem inappropriate outfit choices?

Can it reach the point that news content is lost because the revealing outfit is a distraction, perhaps making guests and viewers uncomforable? Many would agree that Dhue's skirt length is not appropriate in any professional job setting and is very jarring compared to the polished and professional look of her male co-host. Can women afford to take these fashion "risks"?



Allison Lyons said...

I don't watch Fox News so I never realized how short their skirts are. The photo you included is shocking, and it's unfortunate that people make silly comments instead of actually addressing the issue. I definitely think these anchors are being used as ornaments instead of journalists. Fox News really needs to make some changes before anyone can take its broadcasters seriously.

Amanda Donohue said...
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Amanda Donohue said...

I think this comes down to the idea of sexual liberation vs sexual objectification. Though it's perfectly feasible to pin the "under-dressed female journalists" on "clever" TV producers who want to increase their viewership, sometimes we have to look at the person on the other side. Are the women choosing the clothing for themselves - say to feel more confident and maybe to perform better? There are a lot of things to factor in here. But, it is quite clear that the wardrobe of this woman, in particular, certainly isn't wearing the typical professional clothing, which has caused people to question it.

Sweta said...

I just think that the newsroom is a professional workplace, just like any other job, and women and men should both be expected to dress in a professional manner. You would not want your doctor or teachers to dress in unprofessional clothing, so why should news anchors dress in such revealing clothing? Whatever the reason for the sudden exposure of skin on the news, I think it is inappropriate and detracts from the seriousness of the information being conveyed to the audience. The network needs to realize how detrimental their need for women showpieces is to the people's ability to take them seriously as a news source.

Seth said...

I 100% agree with Sweta. When it comes down to it, revealing clothing is completely innapropriate for someone who is being paid to verbally communicate or comment on the news. If this were a matter of women's sexual liberation, you can be sure Fox News would be the last channel to take up the cause.

Dasha A said...

The idea that dressing women in shorter skirts or more revealing attire can increase the popularity of a news show is not believable to me... unless the viewers are watching the show on mute. In this case Fox news has its own set of viewers that are tuning into the news to listen to the opinions of the anchors, and the way that the news is presented. From what I know of the conservative public, a woman dressed in a skirt so short it barely touches her chair would detract from the viewers opinions of the show, not add to them. It seems that the producers need to reevaluate their intentions and their clothing choices for these women.